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How to Make Reusable Face Wash Pads - from precuts or scraps

with free downloadable labels ... and without sewing circles

Every time I washed my face or removed my make-up, I regretted the amount of waste that I was producing. I wished there was an easier, more economical, and more environmentally friendly way.

I decided I could make my own facial wash pads, washable and reusable. I called mine Face Washeez, and shared them with friends and family.

Today, I will not only show you how to make your own, using your favorite precuts, but also provide you with a free downloadable label to attach to your face wash sets.

Great stash buster, great project for those leftover precuts, or scraps.

Use them as gifts for any occasion; you can make a lot of them, stack them in sets (I made sets of 4), label them with the free labels included in this blog, and use them for stocking stuffers, emergency gifts, or just because!

Materials needed
  • Quilting cotton precuts: 10" squares or 5" squares. Or cut any leftover quilting cotton pieces you have to 10" or 5".

  • Toweling material, or can substitute for organic toweling, flannel, quilting cotton, double gauze, bamboo fabric, etc. Shop my affiliate link here:

  • Pins

  • Rotary cutter

  • Cutting mat

  • Quilting ruler

  • Scissors

  • Turning tool (or chopstick)

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread

  • Fabric marking tool (not pictured)

Note: Each 10" square of fabric will result in 4 face wash pads.

How to sew your own reusable face wash pads

1. Place one piece of a 10" square right side down, on top of a slightly larger piece of toweling.

2. Draw a horizontal line 5" away from the edge, across the center of the square.

3. Repeat by drawing a vertical line 5" away from the edge, across the center of the square.

4. Pin the fabric square and toweling together, one pin in each of the resulting squares.

If using 5" squares, pin each square to a slightly larger piece of toweling material.

If you notice, I wasn't worried about the precise measurements of the toweling piece, as it will all get trimmed later in the process.

5. Sew 3/8" away from the drawn lines, on each side of the line, using 2.5 mm stitch length. You can use a walking foot if desired.

6. Every time you start and stop stitching, ensure you reinforce your stitches, either by sewing back and forth a few stitches, or, if your machine has that function, knot your thread. This will prevent your stitches from unraveling later in the project.

7. Sew all around the 10" square, leaving about 1.5" opening for each of the resulting 5" squares. I marked with blue, to see where I started and stopped my stitches.

8. Using a 12" ruler or larger, trim the extra toweling fabric all around the fabric square, leaving nice and even edges.

9. Cut on the drawn lines, resulting in 4 squares, each measuring 5". Make sure each square has an opening (I marked it with a blue line in the photo below).

10. Trim the corners of each square, ensuring you do not trim into the stitches. This will help the corners lay flatter once we turn the face wash pads right side out.

11. Using the opening you left previously, and a turning tool, turn each square right side out.

Poke out the corners gently, without allowing your turning tool to make holes in the fabric or pop out the corner stitches. Yes, you can see in the middle photo how my tool is poking through the fabric. You don't want that.

12. If using 5" squares fabric pieces, trim each square all around, cut the corners, and turn right side out.

NOTE: If you are making more than one wash pad, which is what I recommend, make the process faster by bundling the steps at the same time: mark all the squares, then sew all of them in a row, trim all of them at the same time, etc.

Isn't that mess so satisfying?

13. Once all the wash pads are turned right side out, press them with a hot iron. You can use steam if you desire. When pressing, ensure the opening seam allowance is pressed towards the inside of the pad.

14. Sew, using a 1/8" seam allowance, and 3 mm stitch length, all around the wash pad. This will enclose the opening you left to turn it right side out. Trim all the threads, and give it one more press.

Your wash pads are done! Now, make sets, and give them to all of your friends and family.

OPTIONS: Regular toweling material is more abrasive on the skin, so use with care if you have sensitive skin. Instead of toweling, you can use organic cotton toweling, bamboo toweling, double gauze (I took apart one of my son's gauze blankets), flannel, or even another piece of quilting cotton.

WASH and CARE: Wash before first use. Wash by machine or by hand, using a detergent that is compatible with your skin preferences (I use Free & Clear). Lay flat to dry, and you may use light iron if needed. I wash mine with the load of regular towels, and throw them in the dryer. They are just as functional, and I do not mind the wrinkled look as they come out of the dryer.


Face wash pads wrap-around label is included in this blog. Three labels included in the document, print, cut, and glue (I used a dab of glue, but you can also use double sided tape, or your preferred tape. Click below to download.

Face Wash Pads wrap-around label
Download PDF • 400KB
Now use, reuse, and enjoy!

Don't forget to share your pads on social media, and tag me @otter.and.thyme and using the hashtag #otterandthyme

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Stephanie Campbell
Stephanie Campbell
Jun 13, 2022

I love this post! Great idea for scrap busting!

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