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5 Tips for Sewing Curves

Scary, isn't it?

Sewing curves is the most intimidating quilting task that I have come across. But I have figured out that I can sew 40 curved blocks in one sitting, by applying the simple tips below.

1. The best tip: batch tasking! This means tracing and cutting all the fabrics at the same time, pressing or pinning at the same time, before moving on to the next task. I drew all my templates on my fabric first, and then I cut them.

2. Press your main piece and your background piece in half, matching the straight sides together. This will help you mark the halfway point. Again, don't forget tip #1. Press all of them at the same time.

3. Flip the background fabric wrong side up, and pin the two centers you just marked, fabrics wrong sides together.

4. Pin the edges of the two pieces, inserting the pins perpendicular to the fabric. This may seem tricky at first. Ensure the straight edge of the background piece lines up with the straight edge of your main piece. Then, by lining up the edges and manipulating the fabrics to line up, continue adding pins. Both fabrics are cut on the bias, which means they are cut somewhat diagonal to the grain of fabric. This will allow you to slightly stretch them until you are satisfied with how they fit together. Remember tip #1, batch tasking!

EXTRA TIP: You can use a plain school glue stick with your pins to ensure the fabrics never budge. The glue will come off in the wash. To see how I used the glue stick for binding, check my Flawless Striped Binding blog post.

5. Slowly and gently sew 1/4" away from the pinned edge. Having a 1/4" foot for your sewing machine would be helpful, as well as a stiletto to help you guide the fabric closer to the needle.

And your curved block is done! Now the possibilities are endless!



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