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How to Make Flawless Striped Binding

Did you ever want to use a fun striped binding, but had trouble matching the lines for a flawless look?

Read below my quick and easy tips on matching the lines for a smooth transition when sewing together binding strips.

Binding strips are usually sewn at a 45 degree angle, and when using stripes, the easiest way would be to attach them at a straight angle. This creates bulk, and makes binding the quilt more difficult.

If you want to learn how to attach the binding, you can download my FREE Binding Instructions located here.


Fabric strips cut to your desired width. I used 2 1/2"


Rotary cutter

Cutting mat


Fabric or school glue stick


Sewing machine and related notions


First, I fold the short edge of the binding on itself, wrong sides together, at a 45 degree angle. I use my ruler to make sure there is a 90 degree angle created at the top, and that the stripes are "cut" at a 45 degree angle. Press the fold with your iron.

quilt binding
Folding the binding

Then place the folded binding on top of the next strip, aligning the stripes to ensure proper placement.

Use fabric glue, or, if you are like me, use school glue, to apply the strips together. You can apply a line of glue, or the entire triangle. In the images below, I am showing another strip where I placed the glue all over the flap, in a triangle shape. This will not be shown, it will be in the seam allowance.

Press the glued pieces with your iron to speed up the process and cure the glue. Do not use steam or mist, dry iron is sufficient. You only need the heat.

Open the fold, and pin.

Sew on the fold line, and press. The stripes should match as close as possible.

If you are satisfied with how your binding looks, trim 1/4" away from the sewn line to remove the excess seam allowance.

You can press the seam to one side, or carefully open the seam that is now glued on, and press it open.

Attach it to your quilt and enjoy!

I like to throw my binding in an empty jar or vase, or, in this case, a spaghetti container. Then I move the container to the floor on the right side of my sewing machine as I sew the binding on, and it never gets tangled.

Enjoy these little tips!



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1 Comment

Thank you so 💓 very much for all this clever and insightful information. Bravo! 👏❣

Patricia Kendel ps: what wonderful artwork!

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