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Quilting in Romania

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Quilting in Romania started as a series of free bilingual sewing and quilting tutorials. Shortly after, the project expanded into quilt and crochet patterns, handmade items, such as knits, crochet, bags, and wallets. 

The tutorials and products from the original website are slowly being migrated to this website, to improve the experience and make it easier to find everything in one place. Stay tuned!


Romanian Snow, is published in the November/December 2022 edition of Quiltmaker Magazine.

I designed this quilt based on Romanian folk designs found on clothing and home decor in traditional Romanian homes.


This quilt reminds me of home, and honors the rich Romanian culture that I am very proud of.

What to expect

Bilingual projects and tutorials



Learn the basics of quilting



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Sewing Projects

Use your quilting and sewing skills to make quick and easy projects for your home, family, and friends.



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